Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten Commandments of Resumes Reflection

            I thought it was appropriate to have the first commandment about treating your resume like an advertisement. This was helpful because the job field is becoming very competitive. It would be more likely that an eye-catching resume would be read then a resume with a list of experiences and “no meat”.
            While watching the “Ten Commandments of Resumes” I was able to get a clear image of what a cover page should look like. The video clearly showed where the address, names, and information would go. I learned that you are supposed to use chronological resumes for jobs that are recognizable companies with little “gaps” in them. Also, they are great for highlighting steady work experiences. Functional resumes are meant to specifically focus on key responsibilities you are able to fulfill. Unlike the other resume, you would not list the companies you have worked with in the same section as the tasks or skills you’re able to achieve.
                        I thought the video clip could have reviewed the newest technical aspects of resumes. In class when we learned about how specific words on application resumes get highlighted on companies machines and those without that vocabulary get thrown out. I would assume that this would be more of a leading factor of why applicants don’t get the job instead of when the video said it was from people not bringing a resume at all.

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