Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reflection “8 Important Traits Resumes Can’t Illustrate.”- Extra Credit

            This article conveys the importance of image. If you can put together a sophisticated resume there is someone who you can pay or ask to create one for you. How ever, they are not the ones who are going to be speaking to the employer. A person’s resume can list years of experience but if the employer cannot clearly communicate their experiences with the employer they may not want to hire that person to represent their company due to their bad,” people’s skills.”
            The second trait is one that I can personally relate too. It took a full summer till I fully understood the restaurant service, pace, communication, timing, and dupability within the business. I was unclear if the article was suggesting to literally discuss what skills you gained those types of jobs or to display those retained skills, like thinking on your feet, when speaking to the employer.
“Moral Fiber” was an important trait because it would be easy to forget volunteer experiences when you are trying to advocate yourself off of your business related job experiences. Something like consistent high school mission trips can speak volumes about your character that the employer may not have known based off of your resume or even after they had formally met you.
            Over all, I thought this was a current article that had broad based suggestions for young people interviewing for a variety of jobs.  For example, it was the first informative business web page that said the word “flava” and had an example using the Kardashians. Today, the hiring process is a very competitive field it’s self. And something like having a smile and positive attitude can make you more memorable then the next person they interview.

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