Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reflection-“The 7 C’s of Business Communication” by Marya of Writing Happiness - Extra Credit

“The 7 C’s of Business Communication” by Marya of Writing Happiness includes completeness, conciseness, consideration, clarity, courtesy, concreteness, and correctness. Completeness means that a blog is ineffective until the writer has written something that the reader would react towards.             Consciousness was the author’s favorite. Marya suggests saying what you want to say, in the fewest words possible. By keeping this tip in mind you are not only saving you and the blog reader time but it is form of ”writers respect” for their readers. My favorite advice was clarity because it reminds other writers that they don’t need to be pretentious in order to be respected. Blogs with a large vocabulary could weaken your reader’s comprehension ability if they are not familiar with the diction with in the context. Courtesy, reminds the reader of blogger etiquette. Just like in reality if a person approached you about something you said, you wouldn’t ignore them by walking away. There for, it is important to respond to your viewer’s comments and thank them with a sincere “ you attitude”. It’s not only polite but will make your viewers like you more.  Concreteness, means to be specific when you writing. Away to achieve this would be to use active verbs. Correctness, the final seventh C, is inexcusable and, “should never ever see the light of day,” says Marya. When something is incorrect there are ample resources to look up and fix the issue. 

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