Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My (lack of) Resume experience.

I have written one resume by myself. I had always been told to keep my resume one page and use descriptions that express all the skills you had during each job experience. The best way to generally go about a resume would be if you had a networking source that could mention your name to the employer before they even read your paper. My last job, a waitress in an Italian restaurant, I did not even need my resume because my cousin had worked there for five years and told the owners about me.
            Today, I would approach my resume in a form-prospecting letter. I am a middle school education major and could use my very specific field to ask a question in the beginning of my resume. In the second paragraph I would discuss my knowledge about middle school education and link that toward the middle school I am applying to.  This would highlight my experience because most majors in the U.S. do not specifically include the middle school major. And clearly end with my request to have a meeting in an appropriate effective way.

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