Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My (lack of) Resume experience.

I have written one resume by myself. I had always been told to keep my resume one page and use descriptions that express all the skills you had during each job experience. The best way to generally go about a resume would be if you had a networking source that could mention your name to the employer before they even read your paper. My last job, a waitress in an Italian restaurant, I did not even need my resume because my cousin had worked there for five years and told the owners about me.
            Today, I would approach my resume in a form-prospecting letter. I am a middle school education major and could use my very specific field to ask a question in the beginning of my resume. In the second paragraph I would discuss my knowledge about middle school education and link that toward the middle school I am applying to.  This would highlight my experience because most majors in the U.S. do not specifically include the middle school major. And clearly end with my request to have a meeting in an appropriate effective way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflection on the Sales Rep "Cold-Case" practice interview

After reading the article I am not surprised that a sales company used fake surveys to track their progress. With today’s society I predict that the younger youth will hear, “Don’t believe everything you hear”, more times then, “ Lying is wrong”. It is not just sales representatives using “techniques” that misguide one subject to better theirs. Just as a child would wrongfully blame an innocent by standard before getting reprimanded by a higher standing symbol (teacher, mother, ect.) I do think it is wrong that companies use false advertisement but morality is not going to make the business’s stop. I believe it would be naive to believe a word spoken by salesmen, even if they end up being a co-worker.

Article on Social Networking for Teens

      This website is for adolescents and teenagers but ineffective for thier age group. First, the website would not be eye catching enough to grasp the reader attention. A recommendation to fix this issue would be to change the picture beside the title. The picture should have an obvious reflection of the authors theme in order to get attract the kid’s focus. Such as a computer, a child their age, or a social networking offenders picture.
      The content of the article appears as though the author did not consider their audience first. They authors begins the article by listing “a long list of important safety tips” they are assumed to have already heard. The reader of this age is going to assume the rest of the article will be reiterated lectures they’ve gotten from their parents. Instead of trying to relate to the audience by what their parents have told them, the author should research what other kids their own age are saying about this topic.
The vocabulary the author had chosen for this article maybe too challenging for this age group to comprehend. Such as discussing the “Federal Trade Commission” a thirteen year old has yet to learn about this and overall the statement would have no impact on that young teen.  The author could use the “Your Safety At Steak” for this age group and use the rest of the information for their parents to read. That single page is the perfect amount for the teenage minds to engage in. The title is direct by cautioning the reader’s personal safety.  The information is bulleted and the key elements of the theme are written in bold font. All of the vocabulary is understandable to that age group. Instead of talking about how The Federal Trade Commission protects them, the short paragraphs openly discuss issues they may face when someone else does not protect them. Such as “Flirting with Strangers Online…” The material and format for this article would be very resourceful to people of an older age. But with any writing piece, you must remember your audience before you even begin to write

Hanger Dry Cleaners

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      Wearing the clothes washed by Hangers you can look outside and know you contributed to a fresher, cleaner, future.