Sunday, September 4, 2011

review on "The Whole Story" blog

            The blog, “Whole Story, Turn Recyclables Into a Garden” communicated to their audience in an external-operational way. Brian Yanish, the author of the book ScarpKins Build-It Book, advertises one of the many fun kids projects the book offers. The project contains short directions explaining how to turn common household waste products into a garden. The simplistic directions are also accompanied with drawn photographs for each step. The blog would look very appealing to a child viewing the site and the low budget activity may attract the child’s guardian and potential buyer of his book.  Not only does this site make good relations with parents but also interest groups that promote “going green.” This was posted only five days ago. The contexts of this message conform to our newest emphasis to help keep the world clean. Lately there have been commercials stressing global warming, clean water supplies, and reusing products mentioned in the listed materials such as plastic water bottles. The information provided in the blog is very easy to understand and take part of. Capturing parents, teachers, and naturalist attention by promoting this sneak-peek activity from Brian Yanish’s book maybe the reason of the author’s success.

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  1. The other review was not up loading so I figured i would attach it to the comments of this one.
    Second, displays a company that did do better from the Zappos Company’s advice. Lastly, if the reader had chosen to scroll through the comments they could have read an unhappy complaint and witness how positive Zappos handled the issue. Tony set up the site as an informal network. He seems to get feed back from people in many different ways. He speaks on tours and at lunches with smaller networks and gets feed back from anyone who wishes to comment on his site.