Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking at a companies online writing.

I viewed Free People’s blog. It is a retail business that had many different features. I could tell they had put a lot of time thinking about their audience. The way they set up their sites layout is meant for the age group that would be buying their products. Unlike typical business writing they incorporated a lot of pictures. I thought it was cleaver how the author wrote how they researched other fashion blogs before creating the fall line of clothing. The blog author then matched up clothing the ‘Free People’ offer based on their findings. There information about their fall line up was very easy to understand. They used bold font with specific descriptions of the clothing. They had links that stemmed from the pink words written. There were a few links the author connected their companies online website making it accessible for the reader to purchase a trendy piece. The writing used on their blog was formally written despite that there audience is guided to the younger generations. They did not use any slang and called the clothing styles by their specific style and material such as,” cropped knits”. I thought their writings on the blog were eye catching and effective.

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