Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking at a companies online writing.

I viewed Free People’s blog. It is a retail business that had many different features. I could tell they had put a lot of time thinking about their audience. The way they set up their sites layout is meant for the age group that would be buying their products. Unlike typical business writing they incorporated a lot of pictures. I thought it was cleaver how the author wrote how they researched other fashion blogs before creating the fall line of clothing. The blog author then matched up clothing the ‘Free People’ offer based on their findings. There information about their fall line up was very easy to understand. They used bold font with specific descriptions of the clothing. They had links that stemmed from the pink words written. There were a few links the author connected their companies online website making it accessible for the reader to purchase a trendy piece. The writing used on their blog was formally written despite that there audience is guided to the younger generations. They did not use any slang and called the clothing styles by their specific style and material such as,” cropped knits”. I thought their writings on the blog were eye catching and effective.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What was wrong with the memo

The beginning of the memo should be direct and to the point so it is a quick read for the correspondent. There is no heading to the memo and doesn’t begin with a statement. It lacks effectiveness by being too having too many words. They should have had bulleted information. The last paragraph in the memo has a rude tone and should briefly thank the reader for their time.

review on "The Whole Story" blog

            The blog, “Whole Story, Turn Recyclables Into a Garden” communicated to their audience in an external-operational way. Brian Yanish, the author of the book ScarpKins Build-It Book, advertises one of the many fun kids projects the book offers. The project contains short directions explaining how to turn common household waste products into a garden. The simplistic directions are also accompanied with drawn photographs for each step. The blog would look very appealing to a child viewing the site and the low budget activity may attract the child’s guardian and potential buyer of his book.  Not only does this site make good relations with parents but also interest groups that promote “going green.” This was posted only five days ago. The contexts of this message conform to our newest emphasis to help keep the world clean. Lately there have been commercials stressing global warming, clean water supplies, and reusing products mentioned in the listed materials such as plastic water bottles. The information provided in the blog is very easy to understand and take part of. Capturing parents, teachers, and naturalist attention by promoting this sneak-peek activity from Brian Yanish’s book maybe the reason of the author’s success.

blank slate

I’m very new to this form of online communication. That is the reason I titled my first blog “Blank Slate”. I hope to gain a lot of experience and become comfortable using blogs because the world is become very technical rapidly. After teaching for at least five years I hope to become an Educational Reconstruction journalist. This is someone who writes about different ways that children can learn. Having a blog gives me that commentary outlet weather I am hired for the position or not.