Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reflection-“The 7 C’s of Business Communication” by Marya of Writing Happiness - Extra Credit

“The 7 C’s of Business Communication” by Marya of Writing Happiness includes completeness, conciseness, consideration, clarity, courtesy, concreteness, and correctness. Completeness means that a blog is ineffective until the writer has written something that the reader would react towards.             Consciousness was the author’s favorite. Marya suggests saying what you want to say, in the fewest words possible. By keeping this tip in mind you are not only saving you and the blog reader time but it is form of ”writers respect” for their readers. My favorite advice was clarity because it reminds other writers that they don’t need to be pretentious in order to be respected. Blogs with a large vocabulary could weaken your reader’s comprehension ability if they are not familiar with the diction with in the context. Courtesy, reminds the reader of blogger etiquette. Just like in reality if a person approached you about something you said, you wouldn’t ignore them by walking away. There for, it is important to respond to your viewer’s comments and thank them with a sincere “ you attitude”. It’s not only polite but will make your viewers like you more.  Concreteness, means to be specific when you writing. Away to achieve this would be to use active verbs. Correctness, the final seventh C, is inexcusable and, “should never ever see the light of day,” says Marya. When something is incorrect there are ample resources to look up and fix the issue. 

Reflection “8 Important Traits Resumes Can’t Illustrate.”- Extra Credit

            This article conveys the importance of image. If you can put together a sophisticated resume there is someone who you can pay or ask to create one for you. How ever, they are not the ones who are going to be speaking to the employer. A person’s resume can list years of experience but if the employer cannot clearly communicate their experiences with the employer they may not want to hire that person to represent their company due to their bad,” people’s skills.”
            The second trait is one that I can personally relate too. It took a full summer till I fully understood the restaurant service, pace, communication, timing, and dupability within the business. I was unclear if the article was suggesting to literally discuss what skills you gained those types of jobs or to display those retained skills, like thinking on your feet, when speaking to the employer.
“Moral Fiber” was an important trait because it would be easy to forget volunteer experiences when you are trying to advocate yourself off of your business related job experiences. Something like consistent high school mission trips can speak volumes about your character that the employer may not have known based off of your resume or even after they had formally met you.
            Over all, I thought this was a current article that had broad based suggestions for young people interviewing for a variety of jobs.  For example, it was the first informative business web page that said the word “flava” and had an example using the Kardashians. Today, the hiring process is a very competitive field it’s self. And something like having a smile and positive attitude can make you more memorable then the next person they interview.

Reflection on " Top Small Talk Topics for Business" by Mark Coburn - Extra Credit

This article shows how important something as simple as small talk can truley be. Coburn says that although most people think of small talk as something to prevent awkward silence, it can be useful in the business world too, and he provides 7 useful areas of small talk. The seven small talk suggestions are: sports, news, travel, entertainment, family, work and television. I thought the suggestions he gave for talking about family and entertainment would be really useful to me. When Coburn discussed talking about family he said, "Sharing the good stories or commiserating with the bad is a great way to fill a few minutes of small talk conversation. Introverts and extroverts are more than able to talk about their family making it a (hopefully) fun topic." I thought this was important because it's a topic that both talkative and shy people could respond to. I also thought it was helpful because I always bring up funny family stories about my sisters and I when I want to avoid silence with something; it really sparks the conversation and takes it to many different places. Entertainment/television also seemed like good topics for small talk, it seems like categories where people could talk about many different things from reality television to dramas or even news shows as well as concerts or plays. From my experience it seems, a lot of people enjoy these topics and they can really open up about things they enjoy. Overall, I think Coburn's article is really accurate because in many small talk situations it seems I have used one or many of these 7 categories and others I have talked to have used them as well. I also think it's important to realize that it's okay to talk about these topics in a work environment or an interview environment to make the initially meeting less awkward and to make both the interviewer/boss and interviewee/employee seem more human.

Social Media and Business - Extra Credit

I believe social media and business are going to very intertwined in the coming years. I think social media is a way for businesses to reach a whole new group of people. When I go onto face book or twitter I see pages for businesses and even products. I think it helps to promote business and get an idea of who is looking at the product or company. As a consumer I have been seeing more products with the companies twitter or face book name, I also see the bar that smart phones can scan to get more details on the product. Professionally I would approach social media with caution because I don't want to have anything on my face book or twitter that would prevent me from getting a job.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten Commandments of Resumes Reflection

            I thought it was appropriate to have the first commandment about treating your resume like an advertisement. This was helpful because the job field is becoming very competitive. It would be more likely that an eye-catching resume would be read then a resume with a list of experiences and “no meat”.
            While watching the “Ten Commandments of Resumes” I was able to get a clear image of what a cover page should look like. The video clearly showed where the address, names, and information would go. I learned that you are supposed to use chronological resumes for jobs that are recognizable companies with little “gaps” in them. Also, they are great for highlighting steady work experiences. Functional resumes are meant to specifically focus on key responsibilities you are able to fulfill. Unlike the other resume, you would not list the companies you have worked with in the same section as the tasks or skills you’re able to achieve.
                        I thought the video clip could have reviewed the newest technical aspects of resumes. In class when we learned about how specific words on application resumes get highlighted on companies machines and those without that vocabulary get thrown out. I would assume that this would be more of a leading factor of why applicants don’t get the job instead of when the video said it was from people not bringing a resume at all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My (lack of) Resume experience.

I have written one resume by myself. I had always been told to keep my resume one page and use descriptions that express all the skills you had during each job experience. The best way to generally go about a resume would be if you had a networking source that could mention your name to the employer before they even read your paper. My last job, a waitress in an Italian restaurant, I did not even need my resume because my cousin had worked there for five years and told the owners about me.
            Today, I would approach my resume in a form-prospecting letter. I am a middle school education major and could use my very specific field to ask a question in the beginning of my resume. In the second paragraph I would discuss my knowledge about middle school education and link that toward the middle school I am applying to.  This would highlight my experience because most majors in the U.S. do not specifically include the middle school major. And clearly end with my request to have a meeting in an appropriate effective way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflection on the Sales Rep "Cold-Case" practice interview

After reading the article I am not surprised that a sales company used fake surveys to track their progress. With today’s society I predict that the younger youth will hear, “Don’t believe everything you hear”, more times then, “ Lying is wrong”. It is not just sales representatives using “techniques” that misguide one subject to better theirs. Just as a child would wrongfully blame an innocent by standard before getting reprimanded by a higher standing symbol (teacher, mother, ect.) I do think it is wrong that companies use false advertisement but morality is not going to make the business’s stop. I believe it would be naive to believe a word spoken by salesmen, even if they end up being a co-worker.

Article on Social Networking for Teens

      This website is for adolescents and teenagers but ineffective for thier age group. First, the website would not be eye catching enough to grasp the reader attention. A recommendation to fix this issue would be to change the picture beside the title. The picture should have an obvious reflection of the authors theme in order to get attract the kid’s focus. Such as a computer, a child their age, or a social networking offenders picture.
      The content of the article appears as though the author did not consider their audience first. They authors begins the article by listing “a long list of important safety tips” they are assumed to have already heard. The reader of this age is going to assume the rest of the article will be reiterated lectures they’ve gotten from their parents. Instead of trying to relate to the audience by what their parents have told them, the author should research what other kids their own age are saying about this topic.
The vocabulary the author had chosen for this article maybe too challenging for this age group to comprehend. Such as discussing the “Federal Trade Commission” a thirteen year old has yet to learn about this and overall the statement would have no impact on that young teen.  The author could use the “Your Safety At Steak” for this age group and use the rest of the information for their parents to read. That single page is the perfect amount for the teenage minds to engage in. The title is direct by cautioning the reader’s personal safety.  The information is bulleted and the key elements of the theme are written in bold font. All of the vocabulary is understandable to that age group. Instead of talking about how The Federal Trade Commission protects them, the short paragraphs openly discuss issues they may face when someone else does not protect them. Such as “Flirting with Strangers Online…” The material and format for this article would be very resourceful to people of an older age. But with any writing piece, you must remember your audience before you even begin to write

Hanger Dry Cleaners

      Hangers are the most eco friendly dry cleaning services. Need your clothes dry cleaned? …We use liquid C02, the best method out!  Don’t let your sentimental wedding gown turn yellow from the oxygen typical dry cleaning services use! Hanger’s uses nitrogen, which for years will secure the gown to look just as pure and white as it did on that special day! The top of the line Miele equipment utilizes water while conquering any encountered stain!
      Hangers not only renew clothes but can repair them too! We’ll patch any holes, rips, or tears. At no cost we’ll replace any missing buttons! Make all your clothes have the perfect fit using our alteration services!
      Hanger’s also caters to your basic necessities of t-shirt, socks, and undergarments that need to be cleaned. We keep your down to earth clothes well rooted while they are washed right next to a pond! Also, offers free pick up and delivery for this kind of service! We like to help people and better the world we all share. Let Hangers services take one errands off of your busy schedule. A professional route manager can meet you at your front door and assist with taking your clothes back to the facility to get environmentally cleaned. We our at your service for pick up and delivery twice a week! Leave filling the tank on us!
      Our payment plan is just as efficient for you as our delivery service is. Keeping your credit and debit card on our file allows you to not even break a sweat pulling out your wallet. We can automatically bill or draft the total to your account for you.
      Wearing the clothes washed by Hangers you can look outside and know you contributed to a fresher, cleaner, future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dealing with recieved negative messages

My eyes widen in thrill of seeing my mother has responded to my birthday wish list. I click her awaited name on my student webmail services. With in seconds I notice the message is rather short and distastefully direct. I read the first statement that read, “Remember there are two of you “, referring to my twin sister. Luckily the great part about getting a negative response in a message is that the person who had sent the message cant sees your initial facial reaction. My fists clenched as I was reminded that I have to share my birthday yet another year. I was angry because I had spent hours looking for online sales to keep in mind of my parent’s limited expense. As the fantasized Steve Madden heels stomped through my head, I had let my own selfishness see that my mother was correct. Every year I have shared a birthday with my twin Taylor, but the next four years all four of their children will be in college. One of our birthday wish lists maybe another’s college semesters needed books. Taking the time to emotionally react before physically messaging her back gave me time to question why I did not get my assumed response. I think it is good to experience emotionally triggered messages. Personally, it makes me really plan ahead of how I am going to direct the audience I am responding back to. I could have responded instantly back to my mother and potentially threaten hurting her feelings before I would have ever made the bigger connection. It is always better to write a message in a negative mood and be able to correct it before sending than having to apologize for a note that you permanently sent and saved.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking at a companies online writing.

I viewed Free People’s blog. It is a retail business that had many different features. I could tell they had put a lot of time thinking about their audience. The way they set up their sites layout is meant for the age group that would be buying their products. Unlike typical business writing they incorporated a lot of pictures. I thought it was cleaver how the author wrote how they researched other fashion blogs before creating the fall line of clothing. The blog author then matched up clothing the ‘Free People’ offer based on their findings. There information about their fall line up was very easy to understand. They used bold font with specific descriptions of the clothing. They had links that stemmed from the pink words written. There were a few links the author connected their companies online website making it accessible for the reader to purchase a trendy piece. The writing used on their blog was formally written despite that there audience is guided to the younger generations. They did not use any slang and called the clothing styles by their specific style and material such as,” cropped knits”. I thought their writings on the blog were eye catching and effective.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What was wrong with the memo

The beginning of the memo should be direct and to the point so it is a quick read for the correspondent. There is no heading to the memo and doesn’t begin with a statement. It lacks effectiveness by being too having too many words. They should have had bulleted information. The last paragraph in the memo has a rude tone and should briefly thank the reader for their time.

review on "The Whole Story" blog

            The blog, “Whole Story, Turn Recyclables Into a Garden” communicated to their audience in an external-operational way. Brian Yanish, the author of the book ScarpKins Build-It Book, advertises one of the many fun kids projects the book offers. The project contains short directions explaining how to turn common household waste products into a garden. The simplistic directions are also accompanied with drawn photographs for each step. The blog would look very appealing to a child viewing the site and the low budget activity may attract the child’s guardian and potential buyer of his book.  Not only does this site make good relations with parents but also interest groups that promote “going green.” This was posted only five days ago. The contexts of this message conform to our newest emphasis to help keep the world clean. Lately there have been commercials stressing global warming, clean water supplies, and reusing products mentioned in the listed materials such as plastic water bottles. The information provided in the blog is very easy to understand and take part of. Capturing parents, teachers, and naturalist attention by promoting this sneak-peek activity from Brian Yanish’s book maybe the reason of the author’s success.

blank slate

I’m very new to this form of online communication. That is the reason I titled my first blog “Blank Slate”. I hope to gain a lot of experience and become comfortable using blogs because the world is become very technical rapidly. After teaching for at least five years I hope to become an Educational Reconstruction journalist. This is someone who writes about different ways that children can learn. Having a blog gives me that commentary outlet weather I am hired for the position or not.